This $15 Bullet Vibrator Is So Tiny You Can Hide It in Your Purse, Sock Drawer, Or Even Your Bra

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What do Ariana Grande, Danny DeVito, and Umania’s Bullet Vibrator ($15; have in common? They’re all proof that you can be both small and mighty. But unlike Grande and DeVito, the tiny sex toy doesn’t pack a lot of clout—but that’s about to change.

Like cult-favorite sex toys that have come before it, the compact bullet vibe is slowly rising the charts of Amazon’s best-selling sex toys list. While it hasn’t broken the top 10 just yet, it did claim the number one spot on the marketplace’s list of best-selling bullet vibrators.

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Of course, you’re probably wondering what makes this seemingly simple vibrator  best-seller material. Well, we’re here to break it down for you. Its streamlined design minimizes decision fatigue by keeping it simple. You control the vibrator, and all 10 of its vibration modes, with just one button. Instead of wasting time fumbling with buttons, you’ll spend more time focusing on your toe-curling pleasure.

The thumb-sized toy also packs a punch despite its miniature size. In fact, one of the more common complaints of reviewers was that it was actually too powerful, even on the lowest setting, because the bullet design allows you to more specifically target pleasure points (and reach orgasm). To prevent overstimulation, some reviewers even suggested starting on less sensitive areas first and working your way up to more receptive areas.

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Not to mention, the discreet pick is perfect for travel. The 3-inch mini vibrator is as portable as they get, so it won’t take up space in your suitcase or alert the TSA to your private time preferences. It also uses USB charging, so it can easily be rejuiced in foreign destinations, though the battery will also last through 90 minutes of play. Plus, it’s totally waterproof if you’re looking to have some fun in a hotel bathroom or private pool.

vibrator-small , tiny-vibrator
Alex Sandoval

To buy: Umania’s Bullet Vibrator, $15 (was $17);

To top it off, the budget-friendly vibrator is becoming the preferred toy for multiple self-proclaimed sex toy connoisseurs. Despite owning drawers of options, honest reviewers say this discreet pick steals the show.

“I have over 30 in my collection and this has easily beaten top ranks for the best vibe I have—and some I’ve put over $100 into,” wrote one customer. “Simple, powerful, and quiet. It’s small and sleek and can easily be hidden in a pocket, purse or bra if that’s what you gotta do. It definitely gets the job done.”

Another agreed: “This is the best little miracle I’ve purchased yet. I’ve been struggling to find a nice small vibe for myself and I had more fun with this toy than any other. There is no where this little toy couldn’t go, so why not take it with you wherever you go, and never have a dull moment again.”

It isn’t just sex toy collectors impressed by the discovery, but first-time buyers, too. They raved about the discreet packaging, easy charging, and uncomplicated use, which makes it easy to tune into their body’s signals. They also noted it was fairly quiet and didn’t make enough noise to alert anyone outside the bedroom of private activities. And since it’s made with super soft silicone that’s safe for sensitive skin, it’s an all-around great choice for first-time buyers.

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There’s no doubt this tiny vibrator—best summarized by one user as “the little engine that could”—will have you reaching climax in no time.  And with a super affordable price tag (it’s currently on sale for just $15) and a 90-day money back guarantee, there’s no reason not to find out for yourself.

A 32-Year-Old Man Went to the ER With a 12-Hour Erection—and His Weed Habit Might Be to Blame

12hr-cannabis-erection , cannabis-erection, 12hr-erection, long-lasting-erection

Alex Sandoval

More states may be legalizing marijuana, but that doesn’t mean weed is harmless. In fact, for the men out there, it may come with an unexpected side effect: unwanted, lengthy erections. The kind of erections that would send a guy to the emergency room because there’s just something really wrong.

And yes, this has happened. In a new case report published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, scientists detail the story of a 32-year-old man from Georgia who went to the ER, once for a 12-hour erection and two weeks later for a six-hour erection. Upon examination, his penis was erect, swollen, and tender. He told doctors that he smoked marijuana “several nights per week for the past six months.” He also said he smoked weed two hours before each long-lasting erection.

There’s a medical term for these hard-ons that last this long and it’s priapism. Officially, priapism describes an erection that goes on for more than four hours and is unrelated to sexual activity. Priapism can be dangerous, and this guy was smart to seek medical care. When blood is trapped in the penis for more than 12 hours, the tissues get deprived of oxygen and can become damaged, affecting future erections.

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The man told doctors that he didn’t have any illnesses that would increase his risk for priapism, including sickle cell disease. (This condition affects the hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells, which ferry oxygen throughout the body.) He also didn’t take any meds, like those for blood pressure or psychiatric illnesses, which could lead to super long erections, either. Basically, there wasn’t any other reason for his priapism aside from his weed habit, which happened to coincide.

However, he did say that these long-lasting erections weren’t new for him. When he was a teenager he used weed habitually and often got four-hour erections. (He didn’t go to the ER for those; one assumes they subsided on their own.) In his 20s, he stopped using, and the strange erections stopped. Six months ago, when he started smoking weed again, the erections came back. He said he had “at least a dozen” of them in the past six months, but all went away within four hours, so he didn’t need to be treated.

The authors of the study call this the first case of priapism associated with marijuana use, and there are several reasons why weed could play a role. First, psychoactive compounds in marijuana that interact with cannabinoid receptors may affect a nerve pathway that allows the body to lose an erection. Cannabinoids may also directly affect blood vessels or lead to a blood clot.

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The man was successfully treated when doctors inserted a fine needle into his penis and gave him a decongestant drug called phenylephrine. And by that we mean he went back to flaccid—or as the report calls it “detumescence.” Doctors sent him home with a referral to internal medicine and urology providers, but the researchers note that they don’t know what happened with his case after that.

Let’s hope docs are at least on alert: The study ends with the authors noting that since marijuana is so popular, priapism may rear its head (sorry, penis puns!) again in ERs near you.