Bridgeville 35″ Genuine Leather Rectangle Standard Ottoman Wade Logan

We take note when a business rectangle standard ottoman calls themselves, leather rectangle standard ‘The Architects of Fabrics.’ Allegri, an Italian outerwear firm founded in Florence in 1961, has invested a great deal of their time on fabric improvement. Yet the style has not been compromised as this new pea coat attests to.

This double wool jersey ‘Milano’ pea coat feels almost like a sweater but Wade Logan has the silhouette of a blazer. A perk to the piece is that it boasts a water-resistant ‘Teflon protector’ therapy sustaining the fabrics all-natural look and finish. For added warmth Allegri has incorporated a partial nylon protective vest which can zip in and out.

Wow your comrades with this historical truth: The term ‘pea coat’ stems from the Dutch word ‘pijjekker’, a variety of blue cloth utilized to make the original coats.

Retail ($795)

To obtain go to Saks genuine leather rectangle Fifth Avenue or for other places.

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