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What’s sweeter than the gift of vision? The gift of vision and a cookie. If you are not familiar with Warby Parker, they make some of the sleekest and most fashionable glasses out there at an very cost-effective value. The organization was started by 4 Wharton School graduates (Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, Jeffrey Raider, and David Gilboa) who wanted to give high high quality eyewear at a fraction of the cost.

How hal tv stand did they do this? They reduce out the middleman of course.

To celebrate the holiday season, Warby Parker is such as a giant, custom hand-iced cookie from the well-known Eleni’s New York bakery. Every present card will be boxed up and contain an edible four-eyed Santa Claus. “Why a cookie?” says the firm, “Because hal tv stand cookies are up there with puppies, new socks, and acquiring funds in the street on our list of Universally Pleasing Points.”

The present cards are out there in the following amounts: $50, $95, $145, and $195.

The company’s glasses are so reasonably priced that $95 will purchase you or your visually challenged loved one, a pair of über-cool prescription eyeglasses.

1 of Warby Parker’s neatest functions is their absolutely free property attempt-on system. Parker will send you five frames of your choice to play around with for 5 days to help you make the big decision. Be warned, you may have difficulty Mistana deciding upon just one style.

Given that the holidays are also about the spirit of giving, you need to know that Warby Parker is a organization that has usually provided back. For every pair of eyeglasses sold, the business provides a pair to someone in need hal tv stand to have. Chic glasses, an adorable cookie, and you get to help a person in require – all at the similar time. Now that’s a sweet deal.

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